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Peaceful Reflections

Peaceful Reflections

Peaceful Reflections

That is the title of the third picture I painted under the guidance of Bob Ross. Sadly, I used the wrong type of red, so the coloring has become a little kitschy. The sky hasn’t turned out so well either, because it rather looks like a thick rainbow instead of a dawn or dusk sky. And somehow, the mountain wasn’t as easy as it always seems on TV as well. :D
However, for the fir trees, which Bob always conjures on the canvas at an incredible speed, I got the knack pretty fast.

All in all I found this picture no trouble. I did work on it for three or four hours again, however, I also watched TV, chatted and did other things at the same time. ;)

Peaceful Reflections

Peaceful Reflections

Update (3 May, 2009)

I added a few clouds last night to conceal the wayward sky a little. I like it better now. :)



  1. 4th May 2009
    1:42 pm

    Harry flag

    Die Berge sehen faszinierend aus – wie ein riesiger Eisgletscher. Die Tannen sind wirklich genial. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt.

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