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Miranda doesn’t receive messages via ICQ

Miranda IM

Miranda IM

Some time ago I had the problem that (probably for months) nobody could send me any messages via ICQ. Well, I was a little surprised about the lasting silence … But I thought that maybe people simply didn’t like me anymore. ;)

But the problem lay elsewhere, namely again in my instant messenger Miranda IM. Whenever someone wanted to write me via ICQ, it led to a timeout with the information that the message could not be sent. When I was online via Web ICQ, however, people could write to me without any problems.

What such a problem may originate from, I do not know. But I have figured out a way to solve it:

  1. hold down the Ctrl key while starting Miranda
  2. create a new profile
  3. recreate your ICQ account and all the other ones

It is a bit annoying and cumbersome having to adjust everything from scratch, but I haven’t found another possibility. The important thing is that my friends still do like me and can now write to me again! :mrgreen:


  1. 29th January 2012
    7:23 pm

    Ginchen flag

    Du bist ja auch ein einfühlsamer Mensch, und ich bin Dir sehr dankbar für Deine Mitleidsgespräche!

  2. 29th January 2012
    7:16 pm

    dreadman flag

    Ich schreib dir auch, obwohl ich dich nicht mag!

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