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Firefox & Windows Media Player: plugin not working

Missing WMP plugin

Missing WMP plugin

It has long bothered me that I couldn’t watch any embedded Windows Media streams in Firefox. Instead of a video I always just saw a gray box and the message: “Additional plugins are required (…)” There is a plugin alright, and I’ve installed it, too. But even after installation Firefox is still complaining that the plugin is missing. Might that be related to the fact that it dates from 2007?

Now I finally found a solution: Download the latest versions of the files npdsplay.dll, npdrmv2.dll, and npwmsdrm.dll from and copy them to the Firefox plugins directory (for example C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins).[1]

These are the direct links to the latest versions:

After that restart Firefox, and the Media Player plugin should be working!

Update (10 April 2011)

In the new Firefox 4, my media player plugin was broken again. This time the following DLL file fixed it: np-mswmp.dll. Just download it and put it in the Firefox plugin folder as described above, then it should be working again.[2]


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  1. 18th March 2012
    8:40 am

    Martin flag

    Vielen Dank!
    Das hat bei mir jetzt auch geholfen nach dem Update auf Firefox 11. Bei mir kam wohl noch dazu, dass ich komischerweise noch im Ordner C:Programme… 2 Firefox-Versionen drin hatte (eine frühere Beta, bevor ich den Betachannel zum normalen Standard-Channel gewechselt hatte) aber das ist bestimmt schon ein halbes Jahr her.

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