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Miranda IM: no connection to ICQ

Since one or two days, my Miranda has no longer been able to connect to ICQ. At first I thought it was only some server being temporarily inaccessible, but after two days I got suspicious. However, I quickly found the reason for the problem: AOL, the former owner of ICQ, have deactivated the old SSL login server. That means, if you set up Miranda to establish a secure connection to the ICQ server, the connection will now fail with this message:

Connection failed.
The server did not accept this client version


Either disable SSL completely:

SSL deaktivieren

SSL deaktivieren

Or enable it, but then replace the old, automatically appearing server address with the new

Neue SSL-Adresse

Neue SSL-Adresse

In the development version, the address has already been changed. So, probably it will only take a few days until the problem solves itself anyway. But I can’t wait that long! ;)

Update (1 November 2010)

Since yesterday, the new version, in which the problem has been resolved, is available for download.


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    2:24 am

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