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Resizing images in Flash

Lately, I was working on a website which should have a neat Flash menu with funny jumping graphics. Now, they should be real bitmaps, not vectors. So when I wanted to let my images jump, whereby they should also change in size a little, I encountered a problem: The images only looked well at a size of 100 %. As soon as they were being scaled however, they seemed pixelated and looked very terrible.

Strangely enough, it took me quite long to find the solution on the internet. The greatest suggestions were to be found everywhere, from changing the quality settings of the Flash export through to cryptical ActionScript commands. A typical case of “not seeing the wood for the trees”, for the solution to the problem is much simpler. Nevertheless, since it seems to be so amazingly unknown, I will share my grandiose discovery with other desperate Flash-image-scalers here:

Bitmap properties in Flash

Go into the library of your Flash project and do a right click on the image that is to be scaled. Then you select “Properties” and get the dialog box that is shown on the right. There you check the box which I have skillfully marked with a red circle in a graphical masterstroke: “Allow smoothing”.

That’s it! Now the image can be scaled without ugly square artifacts. For a best possible quality however, it is still advisable to set the JPEG quality of the Flash movie to 100 %. That can be done under “File” → “Publish Settings” on the “Flash” tab.


  1. 31st August 2011
    1:10 am

    Michel flag

    Und ich suche stundenlang nach dieser Funktion :D danke.

  2. 21st March 2011
    2:36 pm

    phos flag

    danke, genau das hab ich gesucht! …so ein mist aber auch. :)

  3. 27th November 2009
    1:13 pm

    Ginchen flag

    Jo, das ist klar – ging mir jetzt aber einfach nur um fest reingesetzte Bilder, die man ein wenig skalieren möchte. Ich fand es halt damals kraß, daß ich trotz Ausbildung im Multimediabereich und mehrerer eigener Flash‑„Experimente” noch nie diese Funktion entdeckt oder gezeigt bekommen hatte. Daher wollte ich sie jetzt mal anderen zeigen. ;)

    Und wie gesagt: Die ActionScript-Vorschläge findet man über Google eigentlich zu Tausenden – diese kleine Dialogbox für den Nicht-AS-Gebrauch wird dagegen kaum irgendwo erwähnt.

  4. 27th November 2009
    12:55 pm

    starfighter flag

    geht aber nicht mehr wenn die bilder dynamisch geladen werden müssen…. dann muss schon AS her :)

  5. 24th September 2009
    10:50 am


    Oh! this really is helpful! I’ve been looking for this solution for whole day already! thanks!


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