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Sound stops in Flash videos (e.g. YouTube)

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

Lately I couldn’t watch any flash videos, for example on YouTube, neither on my Windows 7 computer nor on my old Windows XP laptop. Well, I could watch them – but every few seconds the sound would stop playing. I found out that several other people had this problem, too, and apparently it was caused by a bug in the Flash version 11.7.700.169.

Solution: downgrade Flash

My solution was to download the previous version from this page. In the .zip file, there is a folder called 10_3_r183_75. Inside this folder, I first executed the uninstaller (uninstall_flashplayer10_3r183_75_win.exe) and then installed the older Flash player (flashplayer_10_3r183_75_win.exe).

Now I can watch videos with sound again and wait for a new version of Flash which doesn not have this bug. :)

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