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I am reading (continued)

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Example output

I am reading (continued)” is a WordPress plugin to display which book you are currently reading and how far you have already come. It is actually a continuation of the plugin “I am reading”, which stopped working after 15th August 2009, because Amazon implemented a new kind of authentication on that day.
Since the author “mifupa” doesn’t seem to maintain the plugin anymore (both the plugin homepage and his personal one are not available anymore) and I didn’t know how to contact him either, I simply fixed the plugin myself and uploaded it as a new project.

For the end user, only one thing has changed: If you want to use Amazon as data source, you must now enter your “Amazon Secret Key” in addition to your “Access Key”. You can find out your key here.

Update (October 29, 2009)

Good news! The original author of the plugin “I am reading”, Dominik Hanke, has contacted me and asked me if I would like to add my updated version, which I had first uploaded as a new project “I am reading (continued)”, to his original project. That will also make things easier for the many users who still have the old version of the plugin installed – this way they will be notified in the WordPress backend that a new version is available at last.

Thus I recommend everyone who already has installed my “continued” version to download the plugin from here again sooner or later. At the moment, the version there is just the same that you are using now, but any future updates will be published there, so as long as you are using my “continued” version, you will not be informed automatically in the WordPress backend.

I very much apologize for this little chaos, but this way it is definitely better for the future. :)

Update (January 12, 2010)

Further information about the plugin is available here.

Update (August 29, 2011)

Once again, the plugin has been abandoned by all authors. Once again, its website has disappeared from the web, and once again, it’s no longer available on the WordPress plugin page. Hence, I took care of it again and uploaded it under the name of “I am reading (continued)” yet another time.

Further information about the plugin is available here.


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  1. 4th February 2010
    12:26 pm

    Ginchen flag

    Schön. :)

  2. 4th February 2010
    10:29 am

    Samceline flag

    Mich doch nochmal ganz herzlich für die Hilfe bedanken… Interner Serverwechsel hat geklappt und Plugin funzt *froi*

    LG.. Kirsten

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