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Ginchen! Ooh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Today there will be – just for once – a blog entry of even lower relevance to the rest of the world as usual. I regularly study the search terms, through which people get here on my site, with great amusement. From “which devil fruits would you like to have” to “how do you turn off the midi part in the sound config” to “wow and how display so weapon comparison”, all cutting-edge topics are represented.
Also always cute are the attempts to simply enter fictive domain names as search term: “www.make something from tomatoes”, “”, “”.

So actually I’m accustomed to a lot in this regard. However, today I was taken a little aback when I saw that someone from the United Kingdom had directed the question to Google:

what’s the ginchen good for?

Since of all sites that contain the word “Ginchen”, my blog is probably one of the richest in content, it was displayed to the searcher as the very first Google result, however, I don’t believe he was able to find a satisfying answer to his question here. And I realized that I didn’t exactly know the answer myself. So I started an anonymous survey on that topic. Here are the uncensored answers! :D

Nothin’! :D

For logical thinking, solution and improvement suggestions.

Kill boredom at night.

Well, I think, the Ginchen is very well suited for cooking. I’ve already been to the Ginchen’s place, and there was great food there.

Ginchen is good at designing websites, making paintings, comforting people, conversing and playing video games!

To guide credulous and uneducated terrestrials to the way of truth.

Hm, for “nothing” and “everything”?


For chatting up and getting nice answers? ;-)

Ginchen is good when you’re at your wits’ end. Ginchen helps.
Ginchen is good when she’s interested in something, but doesn’t know about it yet. Ginchen bites herself through.
Ginchen is good when it comes to styling. Ginchen is chic.
Ginchen is good when she laughs. Ginchen is contagious.

Well. The styling thing applies three times a year at most. :D

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